Holiday Season at The Book Nook
Holiday Specials at the Book Nook

The Annual Buena Vista Chocolate Walk
Book Nook hours for this fun, popular event will be 10-5, Saturday and Sunday Dec. 1-2. (Note that the Book Nook is usually not open on Sundays. But anything for chocolate!)

Get your "playing card" at the Chamber of Commerce. Then tour the Buena Vista business neighborhoods to collect a stamp and some chocolate from each destination.

Here at the Book Nook, enter a drawing to win a $30, $15, or $10 gift certificate. Come closest to guessing the number of pennies and jelly beans in the jar and win a $15 gift certificate.

Select toys are 25% off.

And if you're timing is lucky, Owen's chocolate chip cookies will be warm out of the oven!

** While you're hunting for the chocolate hidden someplace in the store, discover these treasures:
Hand-picked nature, science, story, and imagination books for children, youth, & grownups. (We've got some enticing new books in.)
Art supplies for all ages.
Interactive family games.
Exploratory science books and kits.
And of course, books in all genres, including our popular new section on Myth, Fairies, and Other Magical Creatures and Worlds.

We hope to see you this holiday season!

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Used, New, & Vintage Books
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HOURS: Tue - Sat, 10:00 to 5:00
127 San Juan, Buena Vista
(3 blocks west of main stoplight, 1 block south of Main St.)

Historical 1930's "Hobbit" Cottage
See the bathroom & porch which were once the town's ice cream shop!
Walk the Peace Labyrinth
Enjoy Owen's fresh baked cookies.
Sit out on the patio with some complimentary coffee/tea & a book. (In the winter, we'll have the stove lit and the lamps on.)
Snuggle into the Hobbit Hole play area for young ones.




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